While it is true that ‘Grumpy Women’ was founded in the hometown of  Grumpy Old Men … we claim to be neither OLD nor GRUMPY!

Bona fide Grumpy Women come in all ages AND stand by our phrase:

Where Grumpy Is Really Happy™!

If you’re trying to find ‘where grumpy is really happy’, look for the bona fide Grumpy Women who is

  • donning our signature gear
    • grumpy flannel scarf  (you can tell by the label)
    • wine cork necklace with a fishing hook (just in case there is a place to drop in a fishing pole)
    • hair accessories
    • seasonal items
  • drinking from a grumpy
    • coffee cup
    • wine glass
    • beer glass
  • showing off her car or truck with a grumpy window cling or bumper sticker (or both!)
  • hanging important reminders with a grumpy magnet on her refrigerator (or anywhere magnets can cling to)
  • carrying her grumpy grocery bag full of grumpy happiness

Have and idea for our next product addition?

Let us know!